How it started … how it is going...

Phase 1 - Q4:2021

  • Website release.
  • Whitepaper 1.0 release.

Phase 2 - Q1:2022

  • Doubloon Presale and Sale.
  • Founder Pack Sale
  • Aggressive development team and company growth.
  • Staking.
  • Pre-alpha signup.
    • Applications are open for pre-alpha testing.
    • The selected few will influence the games' creation process and balancing.

Phase 3 - Q2:2022

  • Pre-alpha release - Web.
    • Incursions are introduced.
  • "Black Market" - Web-based marketplace for in-game items.
  • Community events.

Phase 4 - Q3:2022

  • Alpha signup.
    • Additional round of applications for alpha testing.
  • Alpha release.
    • Transition into the main release of the game.
    • Conversion of web mechanics and assets into the main release.
    • New mechanics introduced.

Phase 5 - Q4:2022

  • Gameplay improvements and balance changes.
  • Establish and consolidate the game identity
    • Changing art styles and assets in-game and in associated web platforms.
    • The team has made use of existing assets to speed development in the beginning, these will no longer be necessary moving forward
  • New roadmap phases unveiled.
    • We will monitor the progress of the previous phases and team growth as the game evolves.