Ownership and Freedom of Choice
There's an increasing trend in the technological side of the Media & Entertainment industry to reduce consumer ownership of software products (music, movies, hardware requiring specific software…).
This is especially prevalent in the games industry, where the Games as a Service(GaaS) model has been adopted. The GaaS model, providing either full games or game content on a relatively small budget, has the purpose of keeping the users invested as long as possible, encourages users to continue paying to support the game.
The purchased content is then locked behind a paywall, or inside the game, instilling in players the fear of missing out on current content.
We believe that bundling sub-par games, that otherwise wouldn't be as popular, with other flagship products under the pretense of giving the consumer a better deal is damaging for the entire industry, with companies being less inclined to compete against each other, as there is no need to create a better or enjoyable game.
With NFT's there is a resurgence in the consumers' sense of ownership, allowing the purchase of an NFT, its usage and sale at the owner's leisure.
Considering this, we see NFT's as a way of returning this ownership in the industry, seeing their popularity in many games that have already been released, and many more that will release.