On The Drawing Board

Game identity:

In order to jump-start the development process, and to present our vision, we have employed the use of art assets that were already available on different game development marketplaces in our promotional material and gameplay prototypes.
While still relevant for the game in terms of theme, piracy, the team is not wholly satisfied with the current art style choice, showing a lack of commitment from the team which we want to rectify. As such, it is imperative we adopt a new one as soon as resources allow this.
Additional reasoning behind an eventual graphics overhaul is to further distinguish Crow's Nest from other competitors that may make use of such assets, which would risk the game's reputation.
For these reasons, a roadmap goal was introduced in one of the later phases, and we expect changes to occur in the game world, promotional material and any of our associated web platforms.

Shelters/Plots/Guilds …

... Player housing/bases/lands, are some of the terms used in the NFT games market, representing in-game property used by players to further increase currency gain or improve gameplay odds.
We see the potential of such properties in NFT games and will start contemplating their inclusion when both ourselves and the community are satisfied with the core gameplay mechanics.
Before making such a move, we are also imposing on ourselves the condition that the in-house market should be in a stable state.
The inclusion of such a system will mark the beginning of the decentralization process, giving players the economic control we envision.
This is a big endeavor and we'd like to get this right from the start.
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