PvE: Captain Mode

Take control of the Captain in the Action Role-Playing Game(ARPG) mode.


In this game mode, players will take control of their Captain to explore different islands and fight the enemies that stand between them and their treasure.


The Captain's arsenal of abilities in this game mode is influenced by the player's choice of equipment, that is further extended by equipment stats and sockets.
Weapon - Providing stats and effects active in the Captain Mode only

Customization Restriction:

While equipment and abilities are shared between game modes, the attributes and socket added effects are active only in the Captain mode.


Starting in the main hub, Captains can embark on a journey to a selection of islands, each with its own encounters and environments, that influence rewards and enemy encounters.
Concept: Docking at a settlement
Enemies encountered while exploring the islands will come with their own attributes and abilities, requiring Captains to plan their approach and builds before setting sail towards the island.
Concept: Encountering enemies and loot while exploring an island
Concept: Enemy attributes


Reward structure is similar to that of the Incursion mode, where missions have a singular reward.
However, alongside the main reward, slain enemies or the discovery of hidden treasures provides additional reward discovery opportunities.
Concept: Unclaimed Treasure