PvE: Incursions

Available on a mission board that refreshes daily.


Each day players will be faced with a set number of incursions, with different difficulties, risks, and of course... rewards. Captains must choose what kind of path they take in order to progress through the game, be it a more rewarding but also a much more difficult one or a slower much safer, risk-free adventure.
Incursion opportunities appear each day, requiring captains to consider their equipment and crew choices before sailing out.
Each incursion has its own name, threats, specific duration, group size requirement, and other characteristics. Players can view available incursions through the game interface and choose which crew members to assign to the raiding party.
Each incursion comes with one or more threats - each belonging to one of that incursion's challenges - and countering these threats increases the incursion's likelihood of success.