Crow's Nest Talons

Talons will be the first utility token designed and released for our game's universe and will only be earnable through gameplay.

In-game use:

Its use cases will be ranging from asset multiplying and upgrading to covering in-game activity expenses (asset repairing, energy restoration, travel fees, etc.). More details will be released according to our development process.


Talon tokens should not be viewed as an investment or speculative asset.
They may have value in-game but that value may be limited or non-existent if the Crow's Nest game lacks acceptance, use, and adoption, with direct impact on the use and popularity of the Talon token.
The token is not created, issued and distributed by Crow's Nest or its affiliates for investment purposes or other such ventures.
Holding the Talon token as a form of investment on a speculative basis or for financial purposes, with the expectation or desire that their inherent, intrinsic or cash-equivalent value may increase with time is a personal risk. The Crow's Nest team is not responsible for any financial losses or gains that follow such actions.