The Crew

Captains should always be on the lookout for new crew members and gear, to improve their odds on the sea.
From Shark Bait to Seadog
Followers, much weaker than their captain but still strong enough to pull their weight. Crew members accompany the Captain on incursions that have a variety of rewards such as gear, currency, and new crew members.
However, the sea isn't as merciful with these souls.
In terms of game mechanics, the crewmates:
  • Come with their own talents, useful in countering some of the threats that incursions impose.
  • Grow in strength as they complete incursions successfully, decreasing the likelihood of death.
  • Are upgradable, marketable and tradeable.
  • Crew management comes into play, to avoid fatigue and seasickness.

Crew member abilities:

Crews come with their own set of skills. Crew abilities cannot be changed as easily as the captains.
One should always keep track of their crew size and crew composition.
'The Cook'
'The Cook' makes it so your captain and crew return from missions in a healthier state.
'Explorers' shine in adventures, increasing the odds of finding additional rewards.
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