The Captain

The player’s most important asset.
The character through which players interact with our game world. These are strong individuals, in charge of the crew and ship. Their presence improves morale and allows the crew to complete their missions successfully, reducing danger and casualties.
In terms of game mechanics, the captains:
  • Are a permanent unit for all players that cannot be lost, sold or traded.
  • Grow in strength with each successful incursion.
  • Have character progression with perks and abilities.
  • Have access to equipment.

Captain abilities:

Equipment will directly influence the abilities of our captains. Abilities directly influence mission success rates, allowing for strategies that compensate in areas the rest of the crew is lacking.


'Hooked Sword'
'Hooked Sword' passively increases the odds in incursion-type missions and counters the 'Gang Up' threat.
'Gang Up'
'Gang Up' threat, the enemy crew is larger than yours.
'Gang Up' penalty nullified by 'Hooked Sword'
'Grog' reduces the completion time of merchant runs.