The player’s second most important asset
Each captain starts with a standard 3 crew ship that comes equipped with basic parts.
Having fleet access allows captains to switch their main vessels depending on their needs.
In terms of game mechanics, all ships come with:
  • Hull capacity, representing how much loot you can store from each incursion.
  • Crew size, representing how many crew members you can take with you on incursions influencing success odds.
Ship rarity and parts alter hull capacity and crew size.
Excluding the standard ship, all ships are:
  • Marketable
  • Tradeable
  • Upgradable

Ship abilities:

Ships are similar to crews in terms of abilities. In general, ship abilities will be more incursion and reward-oriented.
'Welcome Party'
'Welcome Party' will give the ship an additional crew slot, making crew composition more important.
'Firesilk' increases the incursion success odds in volcanic areas.

Ship parts:

Ship parts are upgradeable and give passive abilities which can influence incursions or other gameplay mechanics.
Upgrading ship parts will always increase the hull capacity and crew size attributes.
Passive abilities are generated as a ship goes through the various upgrade stages.
One of the many upgrade paths we are prototyping.
Each upgrade stage will have its own cost, purchasable with in-game currency.
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