Rarity & Market

Power potential & value.


Crew members, ships and equipment will have their power and ability pool tied to rarity level.
From common to rarest, these levels are:
  • Common
  • Uncommon.
  • Rare.
  • Epic.
  • Legendary.

Rarity's impact on crew and ship attributes:

  • Increase the odds of survivability of your crew members and incursion efficiency
  • The ship hull and crew capacity attributes

Rarity's impact on abilities:

Rarity is tied to the power of certain abilities. As an example, the crew ability Grog is available at all levels, but the Epic level will have a higher impact compared against its Common counterpart.
'Grog' reduces the completion time of merchant runs.
Levels come with their own ability pools. While some will appear at all levels, the Epic and Legendary will contain a set of special abilities unique to them.
These special abilities can alter the gameplay mechanics or offer the benefits of multiple abilities in one.
An example of this is Welcome Party, which can only appear on ships of Legendary level. Instead of a fixed ship ability, captains will have the option to select a crew member of their choice, to counter incursion threats of their choice and improve success odds.
'Welcome Party'
'Welcome Party' will give the ship an additional crew slot, making crew composition more important.


A marketplace will be introduced, allowing the player economy to take form.


The marketplace will be monitored for any questionable transactions or assets.
We define as questionable, transactions and assets that originate from the abuse of game mechanics or other market features. A complete 'Terms of Use' document will accompany the release of marketplace and game, further discussing such scenarios.

Market stability:

Excluding the captain and their standard ship, the marketplace will accept crew members, ships and equipment of all rarities, including sockets, crafting and reforging consumables.
The team will not directly interact with the prices or popularity of market assets, allowing for players to drive the economy.
However, as the game evolves and gameplay mechanics change we are aware this will affect the economy the players establish. Our intention is to communicate such changes to the community ahead of time and allow the marketplace to adapt.