The captain's own armory.
Captains will have a set number of equipment slots that, when equipped with certain item combinations, will grant them different abilities and passive bonuses.
Equipment will be shared between the planned Game Modes, with gameplay aspects specific to each mode.

Acquiring equipment:

Initially, equipment will be available as a reward from successful incursions. Players will also be allowed to purchase and sell equipment from the marketplace.

Equipment benefits:

Equipment exists to add new abilities to crewmembers and captains, the latter also receiving new moves and powers depending on equipment type.
Players are allowed to swap equipment at any time, prior to sending the captain off on an incursion, to combat any threats they will encounter or provide additional bonuses.
Any equipment not currently in use will be stored in the player's personal stash.

Equipment slots:

In the early stage of the game, equipment will be limited to the following slots:
  • Weapon
  • Armor
This is to maintain game balance in terms of player power and incursion difficulty. Additional slots will be introduced as the core gameplay is developed.

Equipment abilities - Captain Mode Implementation:

Using different pieces of equipment, captains can prepare their crew to counter the different threats of each incursion.
The previously mentioned 'Hooked Sword' belongs to a 'Weapon' with the same name. Its ability is active only as long as the weapon is equipped.


'Curved Sword'
'Curved Sword' passively increases the odds in incursion type missions and counters the 'Gang Up' threat.
'Gang Up'
'Gang Up' threat, the enemy crew is larger than yours.
'Gang Up' penalty nullified by 'Curved Sword'

Equipment abilities - Venture Game Mode Implementation:

We want equipment to be more than just passive abilities or threat counters.
As the game develops we want equipment to give players access to various moves or powers, to be used against enemies in PvE or other players in PvP.
As an example, from one of our early design drafts, different 'Weapon' classes will provide different moves.
While both swords, a 'Rapier' or 'Cutlass' class weapon will not provide the same attack, one specializing in thrust attacks, the other in sweeping motions.
To further incentivize player experimentation and different build plans, i.e. ability combinations, each piece of equipment will come with its own statistics.
A rare 'Curved Sword'