Core Elements

Crow’s Nest is an NFT fantasy roleplaying game in which players take on the role of a daring pirate captain, leading his crew towards undiscovered treasures. The core elements of the game involve crew & ship micromanagement, in the pursuit of adventures, that come with their own risks and rewards.

Requirements to play:


Our main goal is to release the game on mobile (Android and iOS) and PC (Windows and Mac) platforms. This will be a slow process at first, as each officially supported platform will increase development time.
Crow's Nest will start as a web-based application. As we develop the rest of the game for our main target platforms, some of the web features will be incorporated into the next release, adjusted according to new gameplay mechanics and community feedback.


Crows Nests Contracts will be deployed on the Polygon Blockchain. At first, the players will need to have a low amount of Matic currency in order to pay for the transactional gas fees. They will also need a wallet (i.e. Metamask) that can interact with the Matic Network.